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Clean Deodorant Balm – The Natural Deodorant Co Product Review

23rd August 2015

Cruelty-free, plant-based deodorants are fairly easy to find nowadays. However, most commercial antiperspirants contain toxic ingredients like aluminium chlorohydrate, which has been associated with a variety of health issues including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, bone disorders, kidney problems and depression.

Although it hasn’t been possible yet to put an absolute figure on the absorption rate of body care products applied to the skin, research shows that chemicals can end up in our bloodstream. Many chemicals don’t cause immediate reactions but can slowly build up in our bodies through repeated use over time. This is whyI try to avoid chemicals in my daily beauty essentials – and aluminium chlorohydrate is leading the list of ingredients to get around when choosing a deodorant.

Packed with natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients, The Natural Deodorant Co offers a cruelty-free, plant-based formula that I was keen to test and review. Here we go!


Who is The Natural Deodorant Co?

The Natural Deodorant Co was born out of an obsession to create a reliable deodorant alternative from completely natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients. The team behind The Natural Deodorant Co is based in Essex, England and source their ingredients from other small businesses that are from all around the world and share their ethical values.

The Product

The deodorant comes as a balm in a glass pot and you can choose between 60ml (£10) or 120ml (£16). Once opened, the product should be used within 12 months.

What’s inside?

The Natural Deodorant Co promises to use only 100% natural and organic ingredients including wildcrafted shea butter, nourishing coconut oil and a unique blend of organic essential oils – no petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, parabens, fillers or aluminium chlorohydrate. So here is what’s inside:

Sodium Bicarbonate
Cocos Nucifera (Coconut Oil)
Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter)
Maranta Arundinacea Root (Arrowroot Flour)
Olea Europaea (Olive Oil)
Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium Essential Oil)
Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon Essential Oil)

How does it work?

The deodorant comes as a balm – which is something that I found most intriguing as I’ve only used roll-on or spray deodorants so far.

I use the balm after showering on my clean skin. I found it easiest to scoop a small amount of the balm on my index finger and then softly rub it under each arm with a light sweeping motion. It feels like a very soft scrub and melts into the skin instantly. I was surprised how aware the application made me of the actual use of a deodorant and I felt much better knowing that the balm contains plant-based, natural ingredients only.

IMG_2686-001I recommend storing the balm at room temperature in the pot it comes in, with the lid sealed between uses to keep it clean. I’ve never had trouble with the texture but if the balm should get too runny The Natural Deodorant Co suggests gently stirring the mixture and place it in a cool place until it gets back to the desired consistency. Likewise, if the balm should get too hard to use, they propose to just pop the bottom of the pot in a warm sink of water. Once at room temperature the balm has a lovely creamy texture which gives you control over how much you want to use.

I have only been using the deodorant for around two weeks but it is supposed to last for over a month.

Does it work?

Yes, I found the balm a great natural deodorant alternative that actually worked! It has a lovely natural scent and left me feeling fresh even after busy days. Only after intensive exercise I felt the need to re-apply, but this is what I expect with most other deodorants too.

It is however important to remind yourself that the Clean Deodorant Balm is not an antiperspirant. Whereas antiperspirants contain aluminium chlorohydrate to reduce the amount of sweat your body produces by blocking the pores, deodorants use perfume to mask the smell of sweat.

Hence, the Clean Deodorant Balm does exactly what it promises: It prevents odour – and it works extremely well! If you should be unsure about how this could work for you, I recommend you to order a sample and see for yourself.

IMG_2687-001Is it vegan?

Yes, the Clean Deodorant Balm does not contain any animal product and is never tested on animals!

Is it a Vegan Love Story?

I’m really happy to say that the Clean Deodorant Balm by The Natural Deodorant Co is a Vegan Love Story!

I find the balm a totally effective deodorant alternative that has a great natural, not overwhelming scent. I love the fact that it is packed with natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients and that the company does not test on animals.

I think that it is always good to question product ingredients whether you buy beauty products or groceries, and always recommend reading the labels to understand what you’re putting on and in your body.

Have you already swapped your deodorant for a plant-based, cruelty-free alternative? What has your experience been so far? I would love to hear about it!

Speak soon,
Carina x




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