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Clean Deodorant Balm – The Natural Deodorant Co Product Review

23rd August 2015

Cruelty-free, plant-based deodorants are fairly easy to find nowadays. However, most commercial antiperspirants contain toxic ingredients like aluminium chlorohydrate, which has been associated with a variety of health issues including breast cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, bone disorders, kidney problems and depression.

Although it hasn’t been possible yet to put an absolute figure on the absorption rate of body care products applied to the skin, research shows that chemicals can end up in our bloodstream. Many chemicals don’t cause immediate reactions but can slowly build up in our bodies through repeated use over time. This is whyI try to avoid chemicals in my daily beauty essentials – and aluminium chlorohydrate is leading the list of ingredients to get around when choosing a deodorant.

Packed with natural, organic and Fair Trade ingredients, The Natural Deodorant Co offers a cruelty-free, plant-based formula that I was keen to test and review. Here we go!

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